Kirkland Dental Practice theatre treatment chair



We are currently registering NHS patients and are committed to providing high quality NHS dental treatment to all our patients. Any treatment required would be thoroughly discussed at your examination.

Common treatments covered under the NHS include:

Private Treatment

Private treatment options are also available to all our patients. These may be for treatments that are not provided under the NHS or for use of alternative private laboratories for more cosmetic treatment.

These treatments include:

Your dentist will be happy to discuss these private treatment options available to you at your dental assessment if you so wish.


All patients with acute emergencies will be seen within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. We endeavour to see any registered patients who are in pain on the same day. This is made easier to achieve if you contact us for an emergency appointment between 9am and 10am. This allows us to appoint you at the most appropriate and beneficial time.

After 6pm on weekdays and weekend all emergencies will be given advice or seen as necessary by Fife On-call service. Contact numbers are available on the practice answer machine.